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Little Grassroots PlayGroup! (2-6 years Old)

Crayons & Culture is seeking 10 families for our summer session of "Lil' Grassroots Playgroup".  Lil Grassroots Playgroup is a cooperative for socially conscious families who seek to provide a culturally relevant and immersion-based experience for their 2-6 year old scholars.  Parents will be intimately involved in designing a program that fits the needs/interests of their individual child as well as the needs/interests of the collective group.  For questions email     


"Power To The Babies" Art & Read Aloud Series

"Power To The Babies" is a 6-week, integrated arts, read aloud series that promotes literacy and positive self concept through story-telling, performances and dramatic play.  True to our namesake, we infuse creativity and culture in every aspect of our experiences.  Families are guaranteed to have a blast as we sing to Bob Marley songs, create 3-D family trees, dance to Harambee chants and so much more!! 

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Languages of the Diaspora: Kiswahili

Crayons & Culture is proud to offer Kiswahili classes  as the first installation of our Languages Of The Diaspora series.  Children will learn Kiswahili through songs, drumming, art and interactive play!  This experience will ground toddlers in a strong cultural identity by immersing them in an African language that supports and promotes positive self-concept. 

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