"Education should be organic and liberating!  The World is your classroom. Be free! Go forth and experience!"-A.S. Carey, Mom, Educator & Founder

What's New?


Crayons & Culture is an education start-up designed for families to curate their child's learning experience through an affirmative and holistic lens.  Founded in 2015 by Chief Experience Curator, A. S. Carey, Crayons & Culture was created to solve the debilitating problems of  "educational compromise" and "standardized learning".  We recognize, along with our predecessors, that learning must be personal and empowering.  As a result, we offer culturally, politically and technologically relevant experiences for future-ready learners with the intention to co-raise (within community) a generation of liberated and socially conscious activists who are able to construct and experience a World that is universally free.  Learn more about the Crayons & Culture philosophy here.   


We redefine privilege and educate the future.  How do we do that?  By democratizing access to immersion based experiences through workshop and micro-schooling strategies.  We also invest in our relationships with parents, artists, creatives, techies, professionals, entrepreneurs, educators and (most importantly) youth in order to create in-depth, relevant units of study.  To see a list of our current and upcoming curated experiences, please look under the 'Experiences" tab.

Curated Experiences

Infant & Toddler Experiences

Early-learning experiences are the soil in which all forms of growth and self-actualization blossom.  Our Infant and Toddler Workshops are geared to expose children to culture, community, art and literacy.

Children & Youth Experiences

To be prepared for the 21st-Century, it is imperative that children and youth have the ability to critically think, collaborate and execute (TCE).  Our Children & Youth experiences are project (output) based, all the while leaving room for organic discovery and creation. 

Kwanzaa Celebration

Family & Community Events

The foundation for a self-actualized child is to be nurtured in a self-actualized community.  For those purposes, Crayons & Culture puts a particular interest on supporting members in the family and community-at-large.  Check out our family and community section to learn more.