Children's African Drumming & Dance Classes (Urban Foli)

Crayons & Culture is excited to partner with Urban Foli to champion African-Centered  experiences for the children of Baltimore!  Urban Foli is hosting 5-week's of African Drumming and African Dance Classes!  Join us as we participate in a 5-week long summer session of cultural rhythms and movement! A guaranteed, amazing experience for the entire family! Located at: Greenmount West Community Center, 1634 Guilford Ave, Baltimore MD 21202

  • Beginner Drum Class (2-6): 10:15am -10:50am
  • Beginner Drum Class (7-12): 11:00am - 12:00pm
  • Intermediate Drum Class (7-12): 12:30pm- 1:30pm
  • African Dance Class (2-12): 12:30pm-1:30pm

Learn More About The Instructors Here

Crayons & Culture Registration: $50 for 5 weeks + $5 Drum Rental


Back-To-School Book Club

Crayons & Culture is excited to announce the return of our infamous, Spring Break Book Club classic, "Assata: An Autobiography".  As part of our mission to raise a generation of liberated and socially conscious activists, we offer culturally relevant, politically relevant and technologically relevant workshops for the entire family!  Join us as we kick off our first, week-long, education series!    

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will critically analyze the success and failure of Black Liberation Movements in the 20th Century and compare and contrast these efforts to our current political state.
  • Students will contextualize book topics and themes by researching supportive documents, documentaries and first-account testimonials.
  • Students will gain a knowledge of socio-political and economical power structures and how those systems are leveraged for intended purposes.

April 9th 2017-April 14th 2017: 6pm-8pm

Registration: $125 (Book Included)

Email for scholarship opportunities


Tutoring With A Twist 1.0

The Tutoring With A Twist Experience is a culturally relevant tutoring program pioneered by Crayons & Culture CEO and Teach For America Alum, A.S. Carey.  TWT uses a combination of creative story-telling, semantic analysis, technology, integrated arts and global perspective to facilitate content mastery.  We provide an opportunity for children and youth to experience a rigorous, personalized education plan by the leading educators of the day!  Invest in your legacy today!


"We are creating our own Ed-Reform Movement" -A.S. Carey, CEO   


Languages of the Diaspora: Kiswahili (Ages 7-13) 

Crayons & Culture is proud to offer Kiswahili classes  as the first installation of our Languages Of The Diaspora series.  Children will learn Kiswahili through songs, drumming, read-alouds and interactive play! Co-taught by Baba Wakili and Mama Agzja, this experience will ground scholars in a strong cultural identity by immersing children in a language that supports and promotes Africa.  In addition, learning Kiswahili will open future educational and business opportunities in regions such as Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Barundi, The Congo, Zaire, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Somali Republic. 

 Coming Soon!


Ujima Youth Commission (April 2016)

"Ujima" is a Swahili word that means "collective work and responsibility".  The Ujima Youth Commission (UYC) is a social justice advocacy group comprised of local youth activist seeking to effectuate positive change in their surrounding community.  The commission will specialize in grassroots organizing, community mobilizing and youth advocacy.

Coming Soon!