Crayons & Culture is seeking a part-time dance educator to teach 3-5 year olds the fundamentals of dance and creative movement. Learning objectives include, but are not limited to:

  •  Demonstrate simple phrases of movement in time and space

  •  Translate simple ideas and stories into movement

  •  Recognize dances from around the world

  •  Observe and identify different dance genres

  •  Memorize choreography

  •  Identify beats, rhythms, tempo and timing

  •  Introduce African, Modern, Hip-Hop and Ballet Basics

Dance educator must be able to engage scholars in active, captivating and enriching 45-minute dance instruction. Must enhance lesson plans to educator’s passion and areas of expertise.



You are an energetic, friendly, dance educator with a professional and academic background in dance. You are passionate about exposing young scholars to the arts and understand that your class can awaken the flame that carries a child throughout their academic trajectory. More than a job, this is a call to action.
Dance, creative expression and the arts overall is a medium in which scholars can learn about culture, history, body-awareness, numeracy, collaboration and so much more! You are able to integrate larger themes in the context of dance. Outside of the classroom, you are connected to the dance world and are familiar with shows, performances, professionals and a plethora of opportunities in which scholars and their parents can be immersed in the magical world of dance!


Crayons & Culture is a progressive, cultural arts and learning center designed for children and communities to maximize their learning potential. We offer high quality immersion workshops (called “experiences”) such as, Languages of The Diaspora, Images of Us Integrated Arts Read Aloud, Tutoring With a Twist, Dancing To Mastery and much more! In addition to our immersion workshops, we host special events, and create the space for the local community to organize and build.
We believe learning is a lifestyle that transcends traditional education structures and are committed to bringing high-quality, rigorous and meaningful experiences to our community. To apply, please email a copy of your resume and a brief statement of passion!