Malcolm X Birthday Party

Crayons & Culture's mission is to raise a generation of liberated and socially conscious activists who construct and experience a World that is universally free.  As such, we provide (and encourage) cultural norms, education, holidays and celebrations that serve the edification of our communities and families.  On May 19th, we ask our Crayons & Culture family to celebrate the birth of our freedom fighter, el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (also known as Malcolm X) by discussing his life, legacy and message with our children!  Here, at the Crayons & Culture headquarters (also known as "Ami's Ile") we will have a family-style birthday party in honor of his legacy!

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Power To The Children: GrassRoots Wrap-ArounD

Crayons & Culture is partnering with Liberty Recreation Center to provide culturally relevant enrichment activities for the elementary students enrolled in the Liberty Village Project Out-of School Time Program.  If you are interested in being apart of  a Black-led, grassroots initiative that supports community based programming, please sign up on our mailing list for more information!

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