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Motherhood Journey Series @Impact Hub

Awakening Our Parent Consciousness (March 19, 2017) is a workshop designed for parents who want to help bring out their best selves by tapping into their wholeness and allowing that to manifest into their children, families and the larger community. Through guided questions, reflection and collective dialogue we will delve into our vulnerabilities and authenticity. This workshop is not a parenting workshop in that we teach you how to parent, this is about parents finding themselves and ushering children into their fullness.

Power To The Mamas (March 26, 2017) is a workshop designed for parents who want to learn how to curate their child's holistic experiences through a culturally affirming, politically relevant and technologically advanced lens. We will explore progressive education models as well as intentional parenting best practices that support parents in raising "self-actualized" children. Through emphasizing the transformative power of "agency" and "intention", this workshop will empower mother's to make strategic and informed choices in the best interest of their child's future.


Lil GrassRoots PlayGroup Info Session

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Assata: A Political Analysis

Crayons & Culture is excited to announce the return of our infamous, Spring Break Book Club classic, "Assata: An Autobiography".  As part of our mission to raise a generation of liberated and socially conscious activists, we offer culturally relevant, politically relevant and technologically relevant workshops for the entire family!  Join us as we kick off our first, week-long, education series!   

Learning Objectives:

1. Students will critically analyze the success and failure of Black Liberation Movements in the 20th Century and compare and contrast these efforts to our current political state.

2. Students will contextualize book topics and themes by researching supportive documents, documentaries and first-account testimonials.

3. Students will gain a knowledge of socio-political and economical power structures and how those systems are leveraged for intended purposes.

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